Wedding videography or wedding cinematography

What's the difference? And what is cinematic? If you've seen on wedding video sites the claim that you'll be getting a cinematic video, which is naturally better, right, then what exactly is it? In a nutshell, a videographer shoots video while a cinematographer uses light to create scenic atmosphere in the telling of a moving image story. So if you're getting a videographer (or whatever he/she calls herself) who pumps light into the scene or cuts light, or softens light, he/she arguably can call herself a cinematographer. Film cranes, professional stabilizers, rails, aerial cameras and cinematic post-production mattes can add to the overall cinematic feel of a video, but unless the camera person shoots footage where light is manipulated, it’s not cinematography, and using the term cinematic is a stretch at best. FYI -- I do shoot cinematic films but typically not for weddings, however I do have one sample of a wedding that I filmed that was cinematically crafted.

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