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Updated: Nov 26, 2019

For the now moment—

This means: If the location that you’ve discovered on the other side of the island strikes such a chord that you cannot imagine saying your wedding vows anyplace else, then you’ve chosen the perfect wedding spot. I’m telling you this because so many wedding couples drive around the island looking for the perfect wedding spot from a photographic perspective. The reality is there isn’t a bad photo-op area in Kauai. Usually the ultimate backdrop is never more than one hundred feet away. Not that you want to get married in a parking lot, but the fringe of a parking lot can, photographically speaking, be as tropical as the middle of the jungle; that tiny beach a stone’s throw from your condo can be captured in a photograph to look like a desert island and you'd be certain (and so would all your friends back home) that you'd found such a place. From a professional videographer's / photographer's perspective, a rickety wall spotted in moss and sun dappled shadow is more interesting than a long white beach with an endless ocean view. Photographers are always looking for landmarks or objects that create symmetry and frames; we are usually more concerned with where the sun is and how it lights our wedding couple rather than what would be better, beach "A" or beach "B?" So, if that long drive and then hike to reach your must have, can’t imagine anywhere else location for your “I dos” is your perfect spot regardless of photographs, then it’s truly a a magical place. Otherwise how about convenience? A beach, river, jungly area close to your hotel or condo, for example.


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