About Difraser

Kauai photographer / wedding videographer 

Half Scot, half English, I use a moniker: Difraser -- for David Ian Fraser. I'm also a cinematographer who got my knees wet at the famous Pinewood Film Studios in London.  I've been a non-red meat eater for most of my adult life. I'm a pretty good cook, especially Thai food. Here's a few other tidbits about me:


I didn’t start my career as a kauai wedding photographer; I didn’t school in photography.  I majored in motion picture film arts. My first media job was a film editor’s assistant; then I became a film editor, then a commercial director. then B movie film director, then I started to pursue a writing career. because I needed the space and time to write, I segued into event video production which led me to a co-career as a professional photographer/ media event videographer.  

Awards: BAFTA (Team Emmy Film Editing: Nominated/ Won ) for "The World at War”   

Please e-mail or call for date availability.      


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